Migros Import & Export

Terms & Conditions

1.) Minimum delivery is container load.
2.) All products are offered subject to availability.
3.) NORMAL Payment terms strictly cash on delivery. Payment by cheque or credit accounts will be subject to prior arrangements, after a SALE/credit agreement is approved and confirmed. Any deposit recieved can be used to cover for any expense including for demmurage charges, re-direction, rented warehouse and under value resale of goods etc. if full balance payment is not recieved minimum 10 clear working days before normal delivery date.
4.) Any shortages or rejected goods must be notified and noted on the delivery note at the time of delivery before signature.
5.) By signing the delivery note, customer acknowledges acceptance in perfect condition of the relevant goods, at the prices agreed and complying precisely with the relevant descriptions and quantities. Subsequent claims will be therefore not normally being met.
6.) All goods remain property of "Migros Import & Export Ltd", until paid in full, but risk in the goods passes to the customer on delivery.
7.) Persons accepting goods at your premises in the name of your business shall be deemed to have ostensible authority to commit you to the completed sale of goods, unless you have otherwise notified us in writing. It is therefore essential you provide the necessary security for deliveries at, and notify us immediately should you cease to trade from, your premises.
8.) A fee of £30.00 (GBP) administration charge is payable on a dishonored cheque. The company reserves the right to charge interest at 3% above "Nat-West" base rate (And fluctuating there with) Which shall run after as well as before and judgment or degree and to recover from the purchaser all legal costs incurred in recovering monies due on overdue accounts.
9.) No amendment of these terms is valid unless signed by the managing director of "Migros Import & Export Ltd"

10.) Deposits can be used for redirection of ordered goods to a rented warehouse and for all other costs involved if payment is not fully recieved and cleared 10 working days before delivery.


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